Embedded cameras…

An interesting article and discussion over at PocketPC Thoughts about all the places that don’t allow cameras, for various reasons, and what people who still want to be able to take their cell phones and/or PDA’s with them are going to be running in to.

Personally I think there are going to be more and more places that don’t allow cameras, and start looking for camera phones and not letting you take them with you. (Concerts, movie theaters, gyms, schools, offices, etc.) It’s going to be difficult to always use your cell phone when the camera is embedded into the device because some places just are not good places to let people have cameras! Once you start running into it more, you’ll see consumers demanding removable cameras instead of embedded cameras, because it does you no good to have a cell phone if you can’t always have it with you, especially for parents and others who need to be reachable at all times.

On another note, when do we reach the tipping point on photographic evidence? When the technology is out there to allow taking a picture of any random person in a public place and Photoshopping that image into almost any other situation, and almost anyone can do it, why should we believe anything we see in a photograph?

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