Strange help desk request of the day

You know those promotional mini-cd’s? I have always thought they were kind of pointless, but today I have a whole new reason to hate them. One of my users, who in their constant desire for desk space took their desktop PC and placed it on it’s side on the floor beside their desk, rather than flat on the desk, got a little careless with one of those mini-cd’s. You know where this is going right? It fell in behind the CD drawer, and is stuck there.

Being that our Annual Meeting is tomorrow, I don’t really have time to deal with that right now, so he has to deal with the CD drawer being stuck open for now. Besides that same computer is also having issues with crashing during the winlogon process so that’s a bit more of an important issue, don’t you think? I’m reinstalling the service pack on it now, so hopefully that’ll take care of it.

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