Dave’s spam attack

From Scripting News, Dave’s followup to a post about suddenly getting 1000’s of copies of the same message:

“Postscript: I hadn’t opened any of the emails, I just did, and saw that he’s marching through all four-letter combinations of email addresses at one of the domains I own. I turned off email forwarding, hopefully that should cause all the emails to bounce. Post-postcript: It did.)”

I watched something similar happen on our Postini setup. At first I let Postini process all email addressed to our domain. We got anywhere from 15-18 thousand messages per week. I changed it to drop (not bounce, just drop) all email not addressed to an actual, existing account or alias, and that dropped down to 2-3 thousand per week. The rest had been addressed to accounts that haven’t existed for years, or were hitting random name combinations in hopes of finding an actual account. Insane.

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