Bored meetings

Next week we’re having a Board meeting. Normally, we have our Board meetings onsite, which I hate. I always end up having to help one Board member or other check their email using their laptop, and our network, and then making sure I reset all their network settings before they leave and can never get on their own network again. Not to mention just the hub-bub and other assorted things you have to deal with when 50 people are in for a meeting.

But not this time. This time they’re having the meeting offsite! That became official a few weeks ago, and I’ve been spending the last few weeks looking forward to the peaceful quiet that will be our office building that day. None of the senior management will be here, none of those Board members will be here, I’ll be able to focus and get work done with few, if any, interruptions. Oh how nice it’s going to be!

Then this morning I found out. I’m expected to attend this meeting. In almost 7 years of Board Meetings, almost all of which have been onsite, I’ve never had to attend one. They finally have one offsite, and I have to be there! All because of that freakin’ ethics policy!

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