Looks like Geek is going to get to Gnomedex after all, mostly thanks to the incredibly generous Max Raven. That’s cool. I’ll see ya’ there!

As far as my own Gnomedex trip, I’m still waiting on word as to whether this is going to be a business trip or a personal trip. It makes a big difference both in the fact that the 22-23 will be working days, not vacation days, and work will be reimbursing me for the costs of the conference, the hotel in Des Moines and meals during the days I’m in Des Moines. I can pay for it myself, without them, but doing so means the rest of the vacation that I have planned after Gnomedex will have to be done on the cheap, if at all. Getting the money reimbursed means having some extra money to do something fun in Sept. for our first wedding anniversary and being able to visit the people I want to visit this summer, so keep your fingers crossed, I’m supposed to hear the final decision soon.

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