Plans? We don’t need no stinkin’ plans!

Josh has run into that wonderful bit of managerial incompetence known as “no planning skills” He assumes that some people just don’t know what a plan is. I’ll go you one better Josh, have you ever had someone hand you a memo with the “Plan” on it and noticed that two of the intermediate steps to the “Plan” contradict one another? For example, step 3 of the “Plan” is for you to move a machine from Office A on the 3rd floor to Office B, two floors down, but step 5 of the “Plan” talks about hooking up a printer for everyone on Third Floor to share to that same machine back in Office A?

Of course if you try to point this out to the manager in question, you’re going to be accused of being difficult! @#$!%*-“!!!!!!

I hope there’s a special section of hell roped off for incompetent managers.

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