I hate AOL!!!!!

Yeah, like that’s news, eh? 🙂

Anyway, a long time ago, in a website far, far away I had a link to the Web Site Garage. I haven’t used the service in years, but still had the link on the Basic HTML Help page. Well today I got a notice that the Website Garage service is being shutdown by AOL/Netscape, who had acquired it while I wasn’t paying attention, apparently. No biggie, right? Well then there was this later on in the email:

To help you transition from the Web Site Garage products, we’d like to begin bringing you, via email, relevant offers regarding Web site-related services and doing business online.

Good thing I read all the way down the page! At least they gave you unsubscribe instructions. We’ll see if I really get unsubbed.

Speaking of email updates, CafePress sent me an email about the Head Wear Sale they are having. Between now and July 21, you can get $3 off any head gear purchase at the One Man IT Dept. Store or any of their other stores.

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