Back to work again

I was hoping the long weekend would never end, but it did. So sad! It’s ok, it’s storming outside now, so it’s not like I’m missing good weather! Anyway, thanks for the debate Scoble! It’s been fun to have some back and forth on the topic, without it getting personal. I’ll admit I can see some reasons why people would want to real-time blog, but I still think 99% of the world would be better off doing one thing at a time, and blogging it later. It’s been shown that “multi-tasking” seriously reduces your ability to do anything well, so I’d rather do one thing at a time and do it well. I know I’m one of the folks who has trouble doing more than one thing at once!

The “debate” even picked up some flow from bloggers in Italian and French giving me plenty of reason to use the Free Translation Service, and making me feel like a bit of an international celebrity for a minute. *L*

You can read about my first little test with Open Office’s HTML Editor over in the forums. I posted it there to shorten this post some and give you the option of not reading it if you don’t care at all about it. 🙂

There’s a vulnerability in Opera that you should know about. Download version 6.03 to be protected from it. (Thanks to Geek for the head’s up!)

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