I should have known

It figures, the answer to my MSN Messenger problem was sitting right in my inbox, thanks to Steven Vore. In response to your other query, Steven, I used to have Trillian running from behind the firewall but then our pseudo-ISP decided to start blocking IM traffic. I actually thought that perhaps MSN would work by itself when I saw it had an option to use an HTTP proxy, but it still wouldn’t connect, so the heck with it!

Now for the next test of my readers, I’ve got a laptop at work whose pointing device doesn’t left-click. It does the same thing with a mouse connected, so it’s not a hardware issue. They both are capable of moving the pointer, and right-clicking but nothing happens when you left-click. I checked the Compaq support site, Googled it, installed mouse drivers, and nothing. Anyone have any ideas? I’m thinking it’s just a simple setting somewhere, but where?

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