Install, uninstall, configure, rinse, repeat…

Yeah the new Dell is working out pretty well. I’d forgotten how much work is involved in getting a new PC configured properly. I’d also forgotten how much junk gets pre-installed when you buy an OEM PC. I think I’ve uninstalled most of the trial versions of stuff I have no use for, like AOL, and MSN Explorer, although I sort of secretly wish the Paint Shop Pro wasn’t just the trial version. I have no legit business use for it, but it’d be nice to have. Guess I’ll settle for the Dell Image Studio & Microsoft Picture It! stuff that came with the PC, that I also have no business use for, but it came with the PC! 🙂

I’m still looking for the answer to getting rid of MS Messenger, which is useless to me from behind the corporate firewall, as are the Internet Games, but those I actually found in the Windows Components part of Add/Remove Programs. Messenger was there too, but uninstalling from there did not get rid of it, nor did uninstalling MSN Explorer. It’s a tough little bugger!

By the end of the day I should have everything working ok with this new machine, so tomorrow I can get to work on re-imaging the old one. I haven’t run into any real big issues with software or hardware compatibility. That’s somewhat surprising, I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

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