Home again

We’re back home again after a nice weekend at Angela’s parents. We enjoyed the spaciousness of their new house, and while I had every intention of doing some work on the site, well, I never really got around to it. Saturday, after we had all gone to see Changing Lanes ( A decent flick), Angela and I spent a good part of the afternoon doing software and hardware installs on her parents computers. (Well in one case, I spent a lot of time trying to do an install!) With the move they went from a cable connection running with a network that her brother setup for them, to living somewhere out in the country where cable is not an option. So they tore everything apart and have a dialup connection on one PC and another that is temporarily without a modem. Angela got the printer drivers for the HP printer and we got it installed properly, then she went on to reinstall PrintShop and a new mouse for her mom while I went to work on the Xerox combination scanner/printer/fax machine on the other PC. After numerous failed attempts on it, and even on my laptop, I came to the conclusion that what we had here was a bad install CD. (When you get the same “unable to copy file” on 3 different machines, despite the fact that you can see the file on the CD, well it’s probably a faulty CD, right?) OK, I went off to the Xerox site, and found the install download for the model and thought to myself, “hmm, the download is 5.8MB. I need it to download over this dialup connection, and then I have to find someway to get it over to the other PC. This is not good. I can either try to find all the network stuff that they’ve packed away and recreate the network for them, or, even better, I can go home, download the install, burn it to a CD, print out the instructions, and mail it to them”. I chose option 2! (I’m also going to send them our external modem. I don’t need it anymore, since even when the cable goes bad, I use the laptop for dialup. They may want to have both PC’s with internet access.)

After that, well, there was some good documentaries on The History Channel International, which we don’t get at home. So I settled down and watched that for awhile and never really managed to get the laptop out of the case again. Oh well, procrastination rules!

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