Can I ask a question to those of you who work in IT? I need some honest opinions here. I’m thinking about archiving some stuff off our file server onto CD because I don’t, in all honesty, think we need it at all, but some people are reluctant to delete anything “just in case I need it someday”. Now the idea of space quotas has been rejected, because there are too many shared spaces where people would just move things if I enforced a quota on their home directories, but I’m thinking, if a file hasn’t been touched in 3-4 years, maybe we should just put it on a CD instead of having it take up space on the server and on our backups every week. What do you think? Would you do something similar, and if so, what sort of basis would you use to decide what gets archived and what doesn’t? 3 years, two years, more, less?

As a side note, I dropped the hint about doing this in an email last week, and you should see the way some people are demanding I not touch their stuff because they keep up to date with all of their files. (If they were actually all current they wouldn’t get archived, would they?) This could get interesting…:)

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