Stupid websites

OK here’s the deal. Yesterday, one of the subscription news sites that someone here subscribes to changed the format of their site. This person could no longer log in. They claimed that she must have cookies turned off and that was why. She came screaming to me about turning her cookies off, which I never did, and I showed her exactly where her settings were, and that the default behavior was to accept cookies, just not third party cookies. I also explained to her that if she really had cookies turned off, she would have seen this same behavior just about everywhere she went online.

Today, however, after further review, I find that the problem is that this news site serves different states and you are logged into different domains depending on which state’s news you are subscribed to (not sub-domains), but the cookies all come from the main domain, and are thus, third party. Since the default behavior in IE is to block third party cookies that use personally identifiable information, you can’t log on. I also couldn’t get it to work by putting both domains in as exceptions, I’ll have to look into that further. The only way to access the site is to set your privacy bar to “low”, and I’m not real happy about that!

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