That was fun, in that perverse enjoyment of others suffering kind of way…

So our stuff showed up today, as scheduled. It’s going to take me a little bit of manual reading to get how I’m supposed to install the Corporate AV stuff, although I have a rough idea already. The fun came when I just went upstairs to hook up a new monitor. The woman wasn’t in her office and since I didn’t really need her to switch monitors, I went ahead and did it. Only just as I was carting her old monitor out of her office, she saw me from down the hallway..

She: “Excuse me? What are you doing with my computer?”
Me: (after calculating that she and I are on friendly enough terms to allow for this..) nervously, “Oh, you’re still here?”
She: “Still here? Where am I supposed to be?”
Me: “They haven’t escorted you out of the building yet? Wow, this is a major faux pas..”
She: “Am I being fired?!?!?”
Me: “Oh wow, yeah a major faux pas…”
My Boss: (from inside her office) “No one’s being fired!”
Me: “Just replacing the monitor” *innocent smile*

At this point I think she might have squealed in joy at having a new monitor and made some vague reference to kissing me, at which point I made a retreat back down to my office.*L*

Some rare days it’s actually pretty easy to make users happy..

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