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Taken from a TechDirt posting:

“A new study in the UK has come out saying that, while more companies are providing internet access to employees, a smaller percentage are using filtering technology to block out “inappropriate” sites. The article makes this out to be a terrible thing – suggesting companies don’t understand the risk.”

Now, granted I work in a relatively small office and I don’t think this would necessarily work everywhere, but we have a very simple internet access policy. The way it works is this, on your first day, before you can even log on to our network, you get a written copy of our policy, and you get a face to face explanation of that policy from me. If you don’t understand it, or have questions, that is the time to get it all straightened out. After that, if you’re surfing porn sites, online casinos, etc., and I find evidence of that either in internet access logs or the history/cookies on your PC, it’s getting reported to both your boss and the President of the organization. Have we had problems with people misusing our unfiltered internet access? Yes, and those people who couldn’t manage to understand why they shouldn’t do that sort of thing at work, don’t work here anymore. It’s been a long time since we’ve had that sort of problem. Most people seem to understand that it’s very easy to track everything they do, so while the access isn’t filtered, they would be wise to be careful about how they use it.

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