Hanging by a thread

I’ve been trying this morning to install the Symantec Corporate AV Server to our file server but I’m running into a problem that’s obviously going to require some reasearch, ugh! I initiate the server deploy and it starts ok, it gets to 100% of “copying files” and then just hangs. It does nothing from there until it eventually times out. Since I need to get the server part installed first, in order to point the clients to the server so I can manage them all from one location, this is putting a pretty severe damper on my plans to have this all rolled out by the end of the week.

It just goes to show, nothing ever goes as planned. πŸ™‚

Update Seth’s comment was probably right on but since that server is in production and there’s about 15 people connected to it, rebooting didn’t seem like much of a good option, so I installed the AV server on my workstation and I should be able to do all the configurations from there, right? I’ll have to test that on one of the new machines as I’m setting them up later, so I know for sure.

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