Novel idea

Here’s a novel idea for your non-technical friends, and one I just came up with while having a discussion with a coworker:

So you have a friend who has an old PC and wants rid of it. They don’t want to toss it in the trash, obviously, they want to drop it at a recycling event that is going on in their community, but they’ve heard some bad things about people getting their personal data off of recycled machines so they’re worried. You suggest that the only way to truly protect their data is to remove the hard drive and take a screwdriver to the cyclinders, or bash it with a hammer. That sounds nice, but they wouldn’t know a hard drive from a power cable, so try again smart guy. You agree that giving the machine to the recycling drive without a hard drive is the safest thing to do, and more environmentally friendly than just leaving it sitting in the garage for the next 10 years. So, have them bring the CPU by the house, or work, and remove the drive for them. They can then drop off the rest of the machine, and be done with it, and you’ve done your small part in keeping those recycling centers busy, and your friend’s apartment uncluttered, and maybe, just maybe you’ll get to keep and reuse the drive yourself!

Plus, they’ll never be able to say you never help them with their PC, and it’ll take, what, 2 minutes? *L*

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