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The other thing I need to figure out is about using Outlook to forward email. We don’t have an Exchange Server so I can’t just forward it at the server level, I have to leave my PC running with Outlook open. (Locking down the PC, naturally) Then I use Rules to simply forward all the email that makes it past the spam filters to my personal account when I’m not going to be in the office. Problem is, Outlook 2003 seems to be setup to only automatically forward the first email of a thread. So if someone sends out an email, and then someone else replies to that email, and perhaps there’s a discussion that I’m CC’d on, I only get the first email and have no idea that there’s a discussion taking place! You can see where this is a problem if someone emails me about an emergency and then replies to that email to tell me that no, never mind everything’s ok. I won’t know it’s ok, Outlook won’t forward that second email.

Guess I’ll run over to the MS newsgroups and see what I can find…

Update: Apparently it does that by design! OK I can see a concern about mail loops if the email address you are forwarding it to has an auto-reply but clearly, I’m not dumb enough to do that, and there are plenty of legitimate reasons to do this! I could understand it being a default setting but give me a way to change the default!

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