This time, patch for real..

Microsoft Admits New Windows Problem

OK here’s the deal. The vulnerability is simliar to the one used by Blaster. Once again, the patch is out before anything is out that would take advantage of this. Do the math. Get the patch now. Beat the post-Blaster 2 rush! Or make sure your firewall is blocking what it needs to block to keep this from being exploited.

I read an article somewhere after the first Blaster outbreak. It was in the local newspaper and you need to be a subscriber to get it online so I won’t bother linking to it. (how’s that for market forces at work??) The general idea of the article was, if your business got hit with Blaster, even though the patch had been out for a month, and even though a well-configured firewall would have blocked it even without the patch, you should fire your IT staff. That might be a rather tough remedy, but I understand the frustration.

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