Six months ago today..

Just a brief interruption from normal programming to say thank you to my best friend who became my wife six months ago today. Thank you for six wonderful months! I am looking forward to 30-40 or more wonderful years!

Now back to tech stuff:

I took out the NNT tip and resized the subscription form, does the left column look a little better now? I hope it does, since it was reported that the tip was resizing the column and making it look bad. Now the only thing that might be resizing it is the webcam pic, which is small to begin with but I could probably make it a bit smaller if it’s still messing up the column.

I did a bit of tweaking with the Stats program, but I think there’s still something not working. The original script didn’t have support for tracking Windows XP, I added the code to be able to do that, but I’m still not getting any XP hits in my stats. Now, since I don’t have XP, I can’t actually verify this, so I need someone who is using XP to view the site to let me know that they are, and about when, so I can know for sure that it’s reading you as 2000 instead of XP, like I suspect it is.

It looks like my believe that THC was getting back online was a bit premature. Turns out the ftp login information they sent to their customers doesn’t actually work. Of course they sent that out Weds, and as of Friday morning no one’s been able to get a response or any more information. Unbelievable.

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