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Gary, I’m glad you like the RSS feed. It’s just a quick and dirty feed for now, it’ll be worth the effort to refine it neatly once I’m actually able to publish it straight from Blogger.

Meryl and Geek, no Daypop isn’t the end-all be-all of searching blogs, but it has it’s useful points. Of course, you know the one day I was hoping to use it for something helpful, it wasn’t working. That’s frustrating! (And apparently is becoming more and more common online, at least in my experience.)

Amd, the drink in question is Cherry Coke actually. Now that I see the picture online instead of locally I can see where it’s much blurrier than I thought it was. Of course it was late, maybe my sight was just blurry too, so I didn’t notice it. How’s things coming along with the hosting company? Any more information on what’s been going on? I’m going to try and spend some time today looking at subscription list possibilities, probably either Yahoo Groups or Topica. Any preferences?

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