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I spent part of last night making some template renovations around here, if you actually come to the site to read this, you’ve probably noticed them already. First thing, I took out the blogrolls, except for the list of people I’m actually related to, and replaced them with a link to my subscriptions on Bloglines, called my reading list. The reasoning behind this was simple, I had a few dozen links on my blogrolls, I have 175 feeds that I’m currently subscribed to. I’m not going to try and list all 175 feeds along the side panel. Besides, I’m not doing a very good job of keeping up with the blogrolls anyway, so why not just point you to everyone I’m reading?

The other change is that on top of links to my other blogs, I’ve also included the last 10 post’s RSS headlines for both of those blogs, directly over on the side of this blog. So, instead of having to always check the link blog for possibly interesting stories, you can see the headlines of the last ten things I linked right on this page. The same holds true for the child abuse blog as well. Both of these feeds within a page were easy to do using a tool that I found on ResearchBuzz called RSS Digest.

Now, I the next thing I can see is that I need to be conscious about writing better post titles for those blogs… ๐Ÿ™‚

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