Good news

First off, the ICQ account is back under my control, thanks to the good people at ICQ for getting that taken care of. That saves me from having to sign up for a new one and making everyone who knows the current one switch.

Secondly, I downloaded the new version of Amphetadesk and while it does support proxy, our ISP has port 8888 traffic blocked, so it will not connect to the internet. I’ll have to deal with them to change that. Morbus’ email addressed a couple of things that I had specified in an earlier post. He gave me the instructions on limiting a feed to the last 10 items or only the titles, also he gave me the instructions for creating an output file with just the channel data and it’s HTML to use over the intranet. Obviously, that use is going to have to wait until I deal with the other company who’s donating bandwidth and their firewall folks, because I had anticipated seeing how that sort of feed would be beneficial over our network, especially once the categories were working. (I might see what I can do as far as a website feature to run headlines of sites I subscribe to, how would you feel if your headlines were published on someone else’s site?) He’s going to be putting up documentation on those, as well as other HOWTO’s over the next little while, but if you can’t wait for those two, drop me an email and I’ll pass along the tips from him. The multiple categories is something that he is working on, it will be a somewhat complicated howto, so it may just wind up incorporated into version 0.94 before it gets documented for this version. I’ll be looking out for it. Other howto’s will include listing your website as a referrer when you click on an item in Amphetadesk, adding local weather reports, and creating a linklist. Can’t wait to play with some of that stuff!

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