Stupid websites….

Dell has implemented a new “order status” system, at least that’s what the page says. Only problem is, if I go to their home page and click “Order Status” at the top, it routes me into their support sub-system. That’s all well and good, but then when I enter my wife’s details on the Axim X5 purchase, it can’t find her, because she does not have a support account. On the other hand, if I enter her email address into the “forgot password” screen, it sends the password for her account along with a link to the actual page where I can track the order using her email address, which is, of course, not in the support sub-system, and is able to find her and the details of the order. This page, naturally, is not linked anywhere on the Dell homepage, since the order status link takes you directly into, which is less than helpful.

Not to mention the fact that the support system consistently tells me it can’t find her, even when I choose to try and find the order number or customer number, but has no problem sending the correct password for her account, which they just told me doesn’t exist. Somehow I think trying to figure out how I can get a password mailed to me for an account that doesn’t exist is going to give me a migraine. 🙂

Estimated ship date is Dec 13.

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