What I accomplished this weekend

Yeah I did get a copy of Red Hat 7.1 installed and running on Friday night, then I was able to figure out how to download and install the latest version of Mozilla on that installation and do a little web-surfing late Saturday night/Sunday morning. There’s definitely a learning curve to this bad-boy, and my initial impression is that the learning curve is higher than a typical version of Windows. You don’t have to learn any DOS commands to run Windows and install new software or updated versions of software. I had to learn some terminal commands to get Mozilla installed. That right there is more knowledge than you need to install it on Windows. It’s just one area of OS operation, but installing software is an important one for me.

The learning will continue, but with everything else I’ve got going on, it’ll be a part time learning project for now, which is why I went with what is basically a throw-away install of 7.1 instead of the newer versions.

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