Blog roundup

Stuff I noticed this morning that I need to go back and read more of later, or that I just find interesting:

Library Planet pointed out a nice little recap of internet radio and what’s been going on that front lately.

Brad has a link to an article that talks about how Office 11 will only work with the latest versions of Windows OS. It’s a pretty shortsighted move by MS, but honestly, if you use 98 or Me, you weren’t going to buy Office 11 anyway, were you? If you were, I’d love to know what feature has you convinced that you need it.

Chris wrote up a funny little post that asks us to think about what it would be like if the intrusive advertising that’s done online were carried over into physical life. It’s probably a bit over the top but the gist is right on. We would never accept this level of intrusion into our physical space, why would advertisers expect it to be ok online? has a link to the story about AOL opening up AIM and ICQ to interoperate. First, it’s about damn time, AOL’s only owned them both for something like 3-4 years now. Second, it doesn’t solve the interoperability problem with other IM services, so it’s sort of non-news really.

Lastly, check out what Meryl has to say about blogging content in response to this article. I agree with Meryl, some blogs do go on about seemingly nothing, but then that’s what that particular person chose to write about, and if blogs are anything, they are individual. 🙂

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