The Godfather

You know that scene in The Godfather 3 where Michael mourns about how “I thought I was out, but they keep dragging me back in…” (paraphrased greatly!)?

That pretty much sums up my week. Annual Meeting being over should have marked a return to normal work priorities, and little less stress. Unfortunately, real life doesn’t actually work that way. Turns out instead that I’ll be picking up some more responsibilities temporarily while we have an employee on leave of absence, there’s been a delay in finding a replacement for another position for which I’m backup and all-around troubleshooter for the folks actually picking up her responsibilities, and a project that normally takes place in June is being moved up to as early as next week.

Pretty much life in IT, isn’t it? 😉

On the plus side, my darling wife gave me an early birthday present when she found out the Dodgers were going to be in Cincy this weekend, and I’ll be tripping down there to see the game Saturday afternoon. That’ll be fun, even though her other plans mean I’ll be there on my own.

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