Pipe dreaming

Some of you may remember that I’ve been advocating the use of a weblog for our work website for a very long time now. I think that, as a lobbying association, the work we do is very hard to define and having a day-to-day accounting of what sorts of things we do, or are involved with would help our members, and potential members better understand what it is they’re paying for. On a technical level, it would also help us communicate with our members much better than our current mass emailing campaigns does, because we would be able to reach people using RSS without fear of email filters.

Unfortunately, none of that has managed to get anyone to move on the idea, for various reasons. I wish I could get some of those senior management people to go to the Seminar on Blogging for Associations. Sounds like exactly the sort of thing I’ve been trying to tell people!

Thanks to Greg for the link.

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