How to Use Feedly – Because Trusting Social Media to Show You News is a Fool’s Errand

One of the things that I am constantly amazed by, is how many people don’t actively get news or any information. It seems as if social media has not only made us all slightly narcissistic, but it’s also made us fairly lazy as well. We no longer go read the news from a site that we trust, or a respected organization, we simply wait for our social media feeds to show us what’s “important”.

Of course, what’s important to a social network is showing you something that you’ll get upset about and interact with, not what is factual.

That’s why I still use a handy old RSS reader. Because there are sources of information, news sites, blogs, etc. that I want to make sure I see, instead of hoping Facebook will show me their new posts.

Recently, Richard Byrne shared an older video he had made about using Feedly.  If you’ve never used an RSS Reader before, I want you to take a look at it, and consider doing it and subscribing to the sites that you truly don’t want to miss. (You can subscribe to this site using this RSS feed, for example).


As we approach yet another election in the US, it’s going to be vital that we all start to be more discerning about the news we consume, and share. Start by subscribing to actual websites and journalists, as opposed to trusting your education to social media. They can’t be trusted.


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