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When it comes to traveling abroad, there’s a lot more to it than just buying a plane ticket. You need to do your research. This means finding out if you need a visa, what the weather will be like, what kind of currency they use, etc. For more popular abroad destinations, this might mean a series of quick Google searches, but when you’re traveling somewhere off the beaten path, the information you need is not always readily available.

This is why my mind was completely blown when I came across Basetrip, a travel research tool that not only answers any question you have about any country in the world, it also neatly organizes the information. Simply enter your citizenship and the country you’re traveling to and Basetrip will pull up information on that country’s weather, type of outlet, currency, cost of living, tipping practices, internet speeds, emergency phone numbers, necessary vaccinations, location of your embassy, and more, complete with links to all the resources. You also have the option to read tips from other readers about each country and add your own.

Adding this to the list of resources for my next trip to a new country. Sounds like a great resource!


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