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Linked – Why Technology Isn’t Utilized More In Litigation

The reason why law firms continue to do things the way they always have is simply because they still are rewarded for performing the way they always have. Tech companies create more and more solutions to woo over attorneys and make their lives easier, but for attorneys, there’s no reason or stimulus for change. Attorneys are incredibly smart, being able to digest voluminous sets of details, facts, and relationships across many different types of cases. In fact, their case load actually conditions them to be extremely adaptable to change. There’s no shortage of intelligence or ability. They use technology every day in other areas to create efficiencies, so understanding what it can do is not the problem. What’s left is only a lack of motivation. Thus, it stands to reason that when corporations consistently offer rewards of future work for innovation, efficiency, and adaptation in the new legal world, THEN we will truly see a change in attorneys utilizing technology in discovery. However, until then, please stand when you hear the beep.

This is true in the legal industry, it’s true in management, it’s true in politics. You’re not going to get change if you keep rewarding people for doing the same things they already do. There’s no incentive to change.

I’m not the first to say this, but you get more of what you reward. If organizations keep paying their outside lawyers the same as they have for years, why should they change? It’s working.

Same as when you set inappropriate metrics for your staff. You’ll get more of the behavior that makes the metrics look good, because that is what you’re measuring, instead of whether they are really good at their jobs.

You get more of what you reward. It’s human nature.


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