A BlogDebate, eh?

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Well, usually where I have lunch there isn’t an 802.11 connection around. If there were, I’d seriously consider blogging it pretty close to live.

Wow, maybe in Silicon Valley it’s not considered rude, but here in the rest of the world (Where 95% of the people do not blog) pulling out your laptop in the middle of a social gathering to “blog” what we’re talking about is certainly considered to be in bad taste!

But, I sorta agree with you. Now I don’t technograph anymore. I listen to the session and see if I can pick up a theme. Look at my notes from the WWW conference when Berners-Lee was on stage. I couldn’t technograph him anyway — his speech pattern is mostly unquotable. So, I boiled down what he was trying to say and put that on my weblog.

Which is exactly what I’m going to do, only I’m going to give myself the benefit of hearing the whole presentation before I try to write down my thoughts on what he said, instead of during his speech. I find my writing has more value when I do that.

Anyway, times have changed. If you’re a speaker you’ll have to deal with the fact that I’m in the audience checking my emails, taking notes, and looking at porn sites on my computer.

You’re right, as a speaker I have to deal with people who do that, as well as taking a cellphone call or chatting with other audience members. That’s not new, and, frankly, that’s your problem, not mine. You paid to be there. I don’t care if you learned something or not, but if you can’t be bothered to give the presentation your full attention because you have more important things to look at, I have to wonder why you’re wasting your time sitting there.

In other news:

Richard Cleaver wrote me about some resources to learn more about .NET. He suggested taking a look at http://www.dotnet247.com/ for technical information, http://www.go-mono.com/ for an open source implementation of the .NET Framework on Linux, and he even points me to his own free password manager. Cool stuff for me to research when I have some time. Thanks Richard!

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