I’m tired of it..

Moving on from commenting problems, because, frankly, I’m a little sick of looking at them. 🙂

Lots of work stuff to do today, probably light blogging. We’re getting close to our event, we have a walk through at the theater this afternoon, I need to pay extra special attention to where the electrical outlets are in relation to the registration area. I’d hate to send them over there without the proper extensions cords, and I doubt anyone else has bothered to think about tech details like that. I also need to make sure by the end of this week that I have the proper drivers installed on the laptop for the printer they are taking over there, and that the person lugging this stuff over there knows how to set it up. I’m not going to be there at that time, I’ll be chauffeuring some of our board members, to get them over to the board luncheon event before the theater portion of the event. (Yeah it’s confusing..) That’s the price I pay for owning an SUV. 😉

Most of my weekend, provided I don’t get any frantic phone calls from the office, will be spent preparing my personal tech stuff for us to go on vacation next weekend. We’re driving to Chattanooga, with a day trip to Atlanta on Sunday. There’s lots of Pocket Streets maps that need to be downloaded to the Axim, local ISP numbers that need to be saved to the laptop, drivers for the Lexar multi-card reader to be installed on the laptop so we can use both digital cameras and unload pictures to the laptop using CF and SD cards, and I need to maybe find a camera bag that has enough space to hold 2 cameras, a Pocket PC, 3 small compartments to hold the lenses so they don’t get scratched by each other or other things in the bag, and spare rechargeable batteries. If it could also hold my cell phone that would be a plus, but not a necessity. 🙂

So the question is, which takes more tech planning, the annual meeting at work, or Angela and I going on a 4 day vacation? It’s a close call…

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