I bit the bullet and installed SP2 over lunch today, since I had to work through my lunch hour anyway. (Long story)

Everything went well, and nothing really came across as “broken” in any major way. I had to re-enable the Messenger Service, since I do use “net send” across our internal network quite often. The similar, but not the same, MSN messenger reared it’s ugly head as part of OE again, so I had to remove that again. I had to add firewall exceptions for Sharpreader and FTP Explorer. I had to tell the Security Center that I would monitor my own anti-virus, since Symantec Corporate Edition 8.x is recognized as installed, but Windows can’t access it’s status information. Symantec hasn’t made a patch available for that version yet to fix that, but the program itself and all the connections across the network work just fine.

All of the normal stuff I do on our network, as far as monitoring, getting AV updates and accessing my PC remotely from elsewhere on the network, works just fine, even with the firewall running.

Unless something major pops up as I use it, I think I’ll probably green light this to the other 4 XP machines on our network next week sometime. I’ll have to do some minor config changes, but not nearly as much as I originally anticipated.

The popup blocker in IE, and the upgrade to Windows Media Player 9 are also things I’ll be looking at. I’ll have to decide what the best default settings are for other users on the popup blocker, along with an explanation, of course, of how to change it!.

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