Gonna be one of those weeks, eh?

Here’s the background. There is one thing in our member database that you absolutely cannot do. It completely messes up everything from billing, to accounting, to well, everything! Let’s call this action “XYZ”, shall we? Now, keep in mind that not doing “XYZ” is one of the first things I tell people when they start here, it’s one of the things I remind people of in email every few months, it’s the one thing I respond to very, very bluntly when it comes up in conversation. (“Do not do that, period, ever!”) Everyone who has access to our database has been told this in many different ways at many different times.

So this morning, my boss comes to me and we have this conversation:

Her: “I need you to fix these 3 records.”

Me: “OK, what’s wrong with them?”

Her: “Someone did “XYZ” and they’re gonna be screwed up when it comes time to bill them”

Me: (muttering to myself) “someone needs to die”

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