When you’re a rock star

As we discovered last night at the Dave Matthews concert, when you’re a rock star you can walk up to the microhpone mumble something completely unintelligible, and people will cheer you for it! What a life! *L* Despite that, it was a good show, and Dave mumbles a little less when he sings. 🙂

My last post seems to have generated a little bit of buzz. Nothing that’s going to get me into the Daypop top 40 but a couple of people have linked to it. I think the fears are legitimate, even if they sound way out there. I’m not normally one to go for conspiracy theories, but this is a business model fighting for control of a relatively new market. Businesses in that situation are capable of just about anything, even if they themselves don’t even see the big picture they are creating. I don’t think Big Media understands what the internet is now, so they don’t realize the damage they are doing by trying to control it like this.

Speaking of generating a little buzz, the Blogging Ecosystem shows that I am around the 470th most linked to blog, and around the 260th in having links to other blogs. It’s not A-list blogger status, and it certainly won’t make me famous, but this little blog is carving out it’s own niche, I think. I guess that’s all I can really ask for. I enjoy the fact that there is a decent sized, and growing, audience and it’s been good enough, so far, to keep those folks coming back. Hopefully that will continue and the audience will grow, and you all will continue to contribute to what we’ve got going on around here! You are my community. I have tried to simply write what I think, and what I know, as opposed to adapting to make sure I fit into any existing community. That probably keeps my readership down a little bit from where it could be, but it makes me feel better about my writing, and the people who contribute here. As I’ve said before, I have a number of thoughts about blogging “communities” that could take up an entire article, but I’m not sure I want to write it just yet. Too many people out here don’t take criticism very well and I’d rather not start down that path.

Finally, ReadyHosting did resolve the outstanding issues that led to my front page being defaced, and, at my request, disabled all FrontPage extensions on my domain, so I can be sure to not have to worry about that particular vulnerability anymore. I’ll give them some credit for working to get things secure after the fact, but it was still after the fact.

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