Wake up calls

Can I just say that 4AM tornado siren wake-up calls are not my idea of a good time? And that 4AM wake-ups on a morning when I have a meeting scheduled first thing in the morning, (Like before I can get a couple of cups of coffee in me) are bad. And that 4AM wake-up calls on a day with a meeting first thing in the morning, and social plans right after work, the day before we leave to visit the in-laws, which I also need to pack for tonight, are just plain brutal!

In other news:

I think Doc got taken in by this ESP trick. Go do the test and then come back, I’ll wait…

OK did it work? I bet it did, and I also know why it did. Go do it again, bet it works again, in fact, I bet it works every time. Now go back and compare the first group of cards very carefully to the second. Notice anything? Like the second group are all cards that were never in the first group? Of course your card is gone, they’re all gone!

I’ve been saying this for a long time now. The best way to protect kids online is not filtering and telling yourself that therefore your kids won’t even know the bad stuff is there. The best way is teaching them to deal with it when they run into it!

While I don’t use Microsoft’s Systems Management Server, giving it the ability to manage non-Windows devices is a good idea.

And, finally, here’s wishing a happy 47th birthday to Dave Winer

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