How I spent my afternoon

Well for most of the afternoon, I’ve been trying to convince myself that it is really not Friday yet, but it’s not working very well. That means that tomorrow should be a very long, unproductive day. Ugh! This afternoon, though, has been productive, at least personally. Well, I was running database mass modifications in the background, so I was working! But while they ran, I finished all the YACCS upgrades for the different blogs that I did the YACCS setup for from my account. That was relatively harmless. Then I went and registered for Gnomedex, made the hotel reservations and everything. I know I’m going to go, and I know I’m going to drive, it’s just a matter of whether my work reimburses me and gives me the time to do it, or if I take vacation time and pay for it myself. Either way, it’s worth it, but, obviously, I’m rooting for work paying for it! (They paid for the flight and hotel last year and I, in turn, brought back a ton of good info to use on our systems. It was a fair trade, but the budget has taken some hits this year in response to the economic downturn so, we’ll see.)

By the way, the reason I’m driving is, one, because I have a new car I CAN make the trip in (unlike last year when the ’91 Escort would have been a problem!), two, I love road tripping, and three, I’m planning on extending my time away from the office and continuing on after the conference to either Denver, Fargo, or (an outside possibility) both to see some friends and the new babies they’ll have by then! So keep your fingers crossed that all of these possibilities come together! I’ll have the digital cam and laptop for the whole trip, and while I probably won’t be blogging live from the conference floor, you should get nightly updates out of me. (I seriously dislike lugging the laptop around with me at things like this, it’ll stay in the hotel.) So who else is going? I can’t wait to meet some other bloggers and tech geeks!

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