Morning notes

For those of you who were interested, I did manage to get home in time last night to do my own packing. 🙂 We’ll be off to West Va. right after work today. I’m not sure if I’ll get around to any updates this weekend, but it is possible. I’m bringing the laptop in hopes of doing some reorganizing of the other pages on this site, but you never really know how much I’ll get done there and how much will just wait until we’re back home.

In other news:

Winamp glitch! It would allow someone to bundle viral code inside an MP3 and use the bug in Winamp to wreak havoc. Naturally, there’s an update, linked from the news story even! 🙂 (via Brian Kane)

There is apparently also a security hole in Netscape and Mozilla browsers. No patch available yet.

Hmm two security holes and not a whiff of them being Microsoft’s fault? Imagine that… *L* (See below for comments on MS software. I’m not saying MS doesn’t make buggy software, but I am saying that everyone makes buggy software to some degree, picking out MS for it is just allowing your own bias to show. And it’s not attractive to have your bias hanging out in public.)

And, to prove that I’m not biased, here’s an MS .NET security problem.

It seems that some stores are not using the security features of their wireless POS hardware, and sending customer data through the air as plain text. I guess the danger here is tied to whether they use the wireless stuff to process credit cards or not. Note to stores, never do credit card transactions on a wireless connection. You’re just asking for trouble. Land-wire those suckers!

I think that’s enough security bad news for one day, don’t you?

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