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Doc and the rest of the Cox Cable systems users seem to be having problems. The lesson here, never trust the pretty box, always go with a company that is willing to just give you the settings you need and not install software all over the place! That being said, Time Warner did the same thing to me when we decided to get broadband. I eventually used to cd to get the correct settings and the uninstalled the extra software, using my own networking knowledge to get the settings into the router and connect all the machines up to it. Once we got a modem that actually worked, it wasn’t hard. I don’t think Cox is giving people that option, bummer.

Gary Turner has some interesting thoughts. I’d have to agree with most of his ideas. Sometimes this blog is boring too, because I’m not really doing anything interesting. Since I write about my life with technology, and sometimes that involves mundane crap, the posts will be about mundane crap. Then again, if you’re seriously thinking about a tech career you need to know about the mundane crap, because you will be doing it!

Ahh and a lesson learned about web advertising. Those 8,000 PyRad impressions? After about 5,000 of the impressions they say I’ve gotten exactly 5 click-through’s. So from the very typical advertising perspective, they were an utter failure. (Hence why the ad market died) But how many people saw the name of this blog and will, the next time they run across a link to it, remember it and wonder what it is and if it’s worth checking out? Or saw the name of it, and will go searching for it later, when they are actually looking for that type of blog, rather than clicking the ad when they are in the middle of doing something else? There’s no way to measure that. People don’t stop what they are doing in response to advertising. People don’t get up from the TV and go to the store when the see a commercial do they? Why is online ad success measured that way?

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