Not much of a party…

Yup we got a few copies of the My Party virus here at work. As a test, I decided to not send a warning out. Since I’ve explicitly told everyone here at least a dozen times that they should never, ever open an attachment that they’re not expecting, they shouldn’t need to be told every time a new virus comes out, right? Well lo and behold, yesterday afternoon, someone else sends out a warning, with the information that they got the e-mail, and that it’s attachment is, in fact, a virus, and they were smart enough to not open it after getting a popup warning them that the attachment may be a virus, which comes up after they clicked to open it in the first place! Test failed, miserably!

Operation TIPS -Terrorist Information and Prevention System. A national system for concerned workers to report suspicious activity– Does this not sound an awful lot like Nazi Germany or Stalinist Russia’s encouragement to turn in your neighbor for “disloyalty”? There’s a real threat of this turning into something really ugly. Or am I just being a paranoid reactionary?

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