Sneak preview

While I don’t have the time to do every page, because the navigation bar will probably be slightly different when you’re on different pages, I did manage to put together a little test of what the static pages are going to look like here. The blog will probably end up with something like that at the top as well. It’s a rather simple design, but the logo gives it that slight bit of whimsy that seems to fit with the way I write and the way I am personally, so I like that! I also think the simplicity keeps it usable. What do you think? More importantly, are there any issues with it being viewed on Linux or Mac systems, with Mozilla?

The complete switch over will happen, hopefully soon, but the next 2 weeks are looking to be jammed packed with non-tech stuff so I can’t promise anything. Hopefully I can work on it using the laptop during my lunch hours, that will help get it done sooner. (It will also help if I could decide how I want the navigation bar to change when you’re in different sections, if at all!)

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