Hopefully the internet connection will stay afloat

Hopefully the internet connection will stay afloat here long enough for me to post. It’s been sort of iffy all afternoon. Naturally, I spent the morning doing all the database stuff, saving the afternoon for some internet research and getting virus updates and “online” stuff. Isn’t that always the way?

Hopefully it’ll stay afloat while I get some of that stuff done. If it doesn’t I guess I go back to testing the file permissions I put in place this week. Of course, seeing as how I haven’t had a single “I can’t get into that folder” call as I’ve been tightening down the permissions, I’m thinking I must have actually gotten it pretty right. But I know better than to get a big head about it too, and testing to find those problems is better than someone else finding them!

Looking forward to the weekend already, even if it does snow!

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