Decisions, decisions

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I’m spending a goodly part of my morning, in between frantic phone calls from my wife, who’s work Mac has lost the ability to open Pagemaker on the same day that their newspaper is due to the printer (she’s uninstalling/reinstalling Pagemaker now, I think. Keep your fingers crossed), going over the seminar schedule for the Columbus ITEC show next week. Here’s my dilemna:

On Weds the 30th I can attend a seminar titled “Future of IT within the State and City Infrastructure-CIO Best Practices” from 10:30-12:00 or I could skip that and catch both of the “Computer Demo” (10:30-11:25) and “IT Project Management: Best Practices” (11:30-12:25) instead. Now normally I would go with the other two seminars, as they seem more interesting, but keep in mind that I work for an organization that has a lot of contact with State government. Right now I’m leaning toward hitting the State/City infrastructure but leaving the possibility of sneaking out of that early to catch the IT Project seminar. I guess I’ll take a pass on computer forensics, although that does seem like it could be pretty interesting. Anyone want to go and share their notes with me? πŸ™‚

Later: Angela’s work Mac still won’t open any Pagemaker files, she’s taken the zip drive and the install files home and installed PageMaker on her home Mac but it’s not opening the files either. Pagemaker will open, running in OS9, but it doesn’t see any files on the zip drive, meanwhile the zip drive, which uses a simple USB connection, will show the files but when she chooses Pagemaker as the application to open the files with, nothing happens. Grrrrr.

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