Off to a killer start!

No, not really. This week is off to a bad start all the way around. First, I don’t really feel all that good, then I get to start out my day with Staff Meeting, which is always a royal pain, but particularly when you are asked to reiterate policy and procedure that has been in place for over 6 months, but some people still don’t seem to understand. Then I get to show the new intern how to log on to the network. I was good and setup his network login and email ID’s on Friday, so everything would be in fine working order when he got here today. The last time they hired a summer intern, they didn’t bother to tell me at all, let alone what sort of network/email setup the person would need, until after they got here, so this was a steep improvement. Well, I thought it was a steep improvement right up to the point where he informed me that someone had given me the wrong spelling of his last name! Since usernames are based on the actual real name of employees, I had to run around and re-do everything this morning. I’m still trying to get hold of someone at our ISP to change the name on his email account. This isn’t exactly how I envisioned my day going, since I’m supposed to be doing month end database stuff, not dealing with this!

Not to mention that in my haste to correct this, I completely forgot to show him how to setup his voice mail, so I’ve got another trek upstairs to do that coming at some point today.

I also spent some time dealing with a laptop that wouldn’t start, it kept getting hung loading the AV software, but then, suddenly, did start for no apparent reason. So I’ll have to look into that at some point as well.

And I still can’t make changes to my template because BloggerPro has, apparently, choked on my template, although it does publish the template just fine, the code simply isn’t available when I go to edit it. Hasn’t been since late Friday night.

So what else can go wrong today?

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