It never ends

Like I said yesterday, there’s been no signs of blaster on the loose on our work network, or our home network, but that hasn’t stopped me from having to email a few people at work the link to Symantec’s removal tool because they got it at home! Sometimes we forget just how many people out there have broadband connections and not clue one about security. Let’s review shall we? If you’re running a broadband connection at home you absolutely need a freakin’ firewall, and you need to learn how to configure it correctly! It’s not hard, especially if you do a little research and find one that turns everything off by default. My Hawking router has a built-in firewall that does this. I also have Zone Alarm on all of my PC’s. On the laptop, I have it to cover me when I’m away from my home network using dial-up and the others all because ZA protects me from any spyware that may be trying to communicate out!

On top of that, get a spyware removal tool like Spybot Search and Destroy, some sort of anti-virus (And keep all of those things up to date, this work never ends!)and check in with tech news sites about critical patches. That way you will know when something big is out there even if you don’t run Windows Update regularly. Hell, just read a few good tech blogs or subscribe to their RSS feeds if you’re really pressed for time. This patch was covered so extensively in the blogosphere that I didn’t even bother to mention it here!

You can either take the time to learn about this stuff, take the time and expense to find someone who does know about this stuff to set you up correctly, or you can take the time to clean up after every new episode. Which would you rather do?

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