I shouldn’t have asked

Yeah, Geek, your comment was dead-on. I should have kept my blogmouth shut. I had to ask what else could go wrong, didn’t I? The rest of the day consisted of still not getting any response from the ISP, my wife getting a bad migraine, having to have me drive her home and put her to bed almost immediately, the President’s secretary informing me at 4:15 this afternoon that he was going to need a laptop for a presentation tomorrow morning, and me, finally, getting to run month end maintenance only to discover that something is wrong with either the scripts or the database, which is really, really not a good thing. Actually, let me rephrase that, the scripts work, they do what they’re supposed to do, to the records they are supposed to do it to. Only thing is, the scripts never end. They keep searching and searching until I three-finger salute the process. Same thing happens to a few select searches, they find some of the records but choke on something and never finish. I’m going to try some work-arounds, but I’m not hopeful.

Any way you look at it, it does not bode well for the future of our membership database, something seems to be terribly wrong with it. Maybe I’ll reboot the server it sits on tomorrow and see if that helps some of the SQL stuff get straightened out.

In other news:

Meryl has taken a look at Amphetadesk version 0.93 Alpha and seems to really like it. I might have to take another look at it and see if they’ve improved on what I wrote about 0.92. Unfortunately, she seems to have gotten a sneak-peak at it, because 0.93 is not available from the website. Bummer.

Kevin left me a comment as well about a new blog he’s started up about his life working in IT. Cool! The more the merrier, and the more people blogging about their life in IT, the more information out there for us to share! (An absolute must in small company IT shops!)

MSNBC is launching weblogs. This is a cool idea, and they even have bookmarks and permalinks, the only thing missing is an XML feed, which would eliminate the stupid popups. I guess that’s why they don’t have one. Try again guys! (link via Dane)

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