Pride, or relief?

I think what I feel about the launch, finally, of the new Friends of the Columbus Metro Library website, is a combination of both. I’m proud of the site, it’s not everything I wanted, but when you’re working with a designer and a committee, that’s to be expected. (Mostly, the big thing I think is missing right now is an RSS feed, but given the audience of the site I ultimately realized that wasn’t as big a deal to pretty much everyone else, so I compromised. I suppose I could always find a service to scrape the “news and events” page to create my own RSS feed. Or we can add it later.)

On the other hand, this has been such a long process that I also just feel relieved that all that time and effort has come to something!

Now I get to go to work with keeping it updated and using it to highlight what the Friends contribute to the Library. Hopefully, I’ll get lots of help with that!

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