Some days you just can’t win

The other day at work I spent quite a lot of time troubleshooting an issue with Acrobat Reader 7 and the plug-in that adds integration with our document management system, Interwoven’s Worksite.

After much trial and error I figured out that even with the plug-in installed to the proper folder, the integration would disappear every time you opened a PDF in the browser, which actually makes sense, there’s no Worksite integration with the browser, so if you opened the PDF in the browser, the plug-in should fail to load. Of course, if you open a PDF from a website and then want to save it to Worksite, that doesn’t make you happy.

So I did the logical thing, I changed the option in Reader to not display PDF in browser, always opening the program to display the PDF.

Which seemed like a good idea, until this user called me back to say she was having problems with links from within a PDF. It seems that opening a PDF from a website that has links to other PDF’s is a bit of a problem. Since she deals with school boards that typically give you a PDF “index” with links to other PDF’s. It seems that the link tries to open the browser, since it’s a URL, and somewhere in that process it tries to open Acrobat Reader again and just fails. I needed to change the option again to allow the PDF to display in the browser. So, either way I set this option, something doesn’t work.

What’s an IT guy to do? ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. I’ve actually been trying to work out the registry edit to prevent PDF’s from opening in the browser because it causes problems with printing for a lot of my users. I seem to have found the key to do it, but it’s more than that. When I change the key, I need to run a repair on Acrobat to push the change through, but can’t seem to figure that out. Either way, the PDF in browser is definately a pain.

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