Linked: Worker resilience starts with manager empathy.

In the article below, for obvious reasons, I loved this sub-heading:

The future of work is connectivity, not proximity.

The ability to hire anyone who can connect to your network opens up a whole world of possible talent. But, it also comes with some adjustments that need to be made as well, and the rest of the article talks a bit about those.

I often feel like the organizations who feel like work-from-home has been a failure, are the same ones who don’t pay enough attention to being empathetic with employees. Working remotely is different. It requires managers, many of whom struggle to communicate in the best of times, to over-communicate. It requires thinking about benefits differently, more flexibility, less parking or transit passes, etc.

It’s different in normal times, and these have been nothing like normal times. But, during these times those same skills are necessary. Over-communicate, be willing to explore some new options for mental health benefits, and give employees some flexibility where you can.

That’s how you’ll succeed, and have resilient, productive employees.

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